SBC firmware updateΒΆ

The SBC firmware is developed by Ardusimple and contains the low level functionalities to let you focus on the application high level programming in microPython.
We recommend to use always the latest version of the SBC firmware since it will contain new features and bug fixes.
If you have any suggestions related with the firmware please contact us.


You can find your SBC current firmware and hardware version by typing in the terminal the following command:

>>> import sbc
>>> sbc.get_hw_version()

In this example,firmware version is FW1.01 and hardware revision is R03.

To update your SBC firmware you will need the following:


Before updating the SBC firmware make sure you backup the content of the SBC internal memory

Follow these steps:

  1. Press and keep pressed the SBC button

  2. Connect the USB cable to the SBC and to your computer

  3. You can now release the SBC button

  4. Open STM32 Cube Programmer

  5. Select USB from the dropdown menu

  6. Click the refresh icon and wait until the port updates and shows a number

  7. Click the CONNECT button

  8. Go to the Erasing&Programming tab

  9. Browse and select your firmware .elf file

  10. Unmark all checkboxes and leave only the Run after programming checkbox selected

  11. Click Start Programming and wait until completes

  12. Congratulations, you completed the firmware update :)